1. Design Thinking

    I'm a big advocate of the Design Thinking as a non-linear process to collect feedback from all teams involved in the product and to progress together iterating on what's and what's not working.

  2. Decks

    Often I lead initiatives to implement business and product strategies and I have experience presenting decks to execs and stakeholders. Always proposing ways to improve design exploration and execution.

  3. Project Kickoff

    At the beginning I focus on designing solutions with a clearly defined strategy and not jumping straight into the ideation phase without fully understanding the problem space. This is ensured asking the big questions and aligned around business opportunities, project goals, vision and target customers.

  4. Business and User Research

    A key aspect of the success of design is an understanding of the user and their needs. Therefore, it's a good idea to align in the evolution and importance of user stories and an agile backlog to gather vital user insights and have a detailed understanding of UX requirements.

  5. Wireframing

    Next steps consist on preparing a visual layout of how we're going to solve a specific problem within our site/app. Then, presenting it to stakeholders and dev team to be all aligned and agreed on the process.

  6. UI & Prototyping

    UX is how it works, UI is how it looks. I take care of giving shape to the layers, pages and sections following the wireframe structure that was already approved and applying the design system to keep a consistency among all the site/app experience. After that, as is commonly said, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings.

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